Nominaciones a los Premios Goya 2017

Alberto Iglesias podría llevarse el próximo 3 de febrero su Goya número 11 por su nominación por "La cordillera", lo cual sería, a todas luces, una evidente injusticia, no porque su score no sea meritorio, sino porque ya es hora de que en la Academia se valore en su justa medida el trabajo de otros magníficos compositores, como puede ser el caso, en esta ocasión, del compositor galo Pascal Gaigne.

Las nominaciones en los dos apartados musicales son las siguientes:

  • Pascal Gaigne, por Handia
  • Alberto Iglesias, por La cordillera
  • Alfonso de Vilallonga, por La librería
  • Carlos Algara y Tomás Nepomuceno, por Verónica
  • Algunas vecesde José Luis Perales (El autor)
  • Feeling lonely on the Sunday afternoon, de Alfonso de Vilallonga (La librería)
  • La Llamada, de Leiva (La llamada)
  • Rap zona hostil, de Enrique Baños (Zona hostil)
Podéis consultar todas las candidatas en 20minutos.es
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Milan edita en febrero "A fantastic woman" de Matthew Herbert

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Nominaciones a los Globos de Oro 2017

Un año más nos llegan por estas fechas prenavideñas las más o menos ansiadas nominaciones a la tópica antesala de los Oscars: los premios de la prensa extranjera de Hollywood, los, también más o menos, prestigiosos Globos de Oro (goldenglobes.com/winners-nominees). Los seleccionados en las categorías musicales son los siguientes (se abre la polémica con uno de ellos....):

Best Original Song - Motion Picture

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Varèse edita a finales de mes "24 hours to live" de Tyler Bates

Reserva del score en amazon.es
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Novedades de Kronos Records

Información en kronosrecords.com
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Varèse edita en formato digital "5 to 7" de Danny Bensi y Saunder Jurriaans

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WaterTower edita el score de Dave Porter para "The disaster artist"

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WaterTower edita en formato digital el score de Rolfe Kent para "Downsizing"

Fragmentos en amazon.es
Información en inglés:
WaterTower Music will release the Downsizing Original Motion Picture Soundtrack at digital retail on December 22, 2017 and on CD January 12. The album features original score by Rolfe Kent (Up In The Air, Sideways) and the original song“A Little Change In The Weather,” co-written by Kent and performed by The Swingles. Paramount Pictures’ Downsizing will be in theaters on December 22, 2017.  
“Rolfe Kent and I agreed that no matter what the music was meant to express, we wanted it as charming, melodic and full-throated as possible,” said writer/director Alexander Payne.  “Rolfe and I have worked together for over 25 years, and this was, I feel, the finest score he has yet produced, and, if you’ll forgive the immodesty, as fine a score I’ve heard in any film in recent memory.”
“Alexander asked for the score to be beautiful classical music,” Kent described.  The composer wanted to avoid film score clichés and took a different route.  “I figured a Kubrickian approach was best, where the music sounds like it existed outside of the film, and was discovered to match the scene perfectly.”   Known for using unexpected textures, sounds and his own signature musical personality, this opened the floodgates for Rolfe.  “As ever, Alexander was open to hearing unexpected sounds, so when I threw him the curve of an opera aria sung in Norwegian, or some bagpipes, he loved it.”
Downsizing is directed by Academy Award© winner Alexander Payne (The Descendants, Sideways) and stars Academy Award© winner Matt Damon (The Martian, Good Will Hunting), Academy Award© winner Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Basterds, Django Unchained), Hong Chau (Inherent Vice, Big Little Lies), Academy Award© nominee Kristen Wiig (The Martian, Bridesmaids), Udo Kier (Melancholia), Jason Sudeikis (Colossal), Academy Award© nominee Laura Dern (Wild, Rambling Rose), Neil Patrick Harris (Gone Girl), and Rolf Lassgård (A Man Named Ove).
“One of the first scenes I was shown was a monologue from Ngoc Lan Tran (Hong Chau), which is this terrific performance and contains so much energy and pathos and sweetness,” Kent explained.  “One morning at 5AM I found myself dreaming of this fragile cello tune that came out in small, delicate sobs almost, and I had to wake myself up and record myself humming it, because I knew it was perfect for her character. As the score developed we sometimes changed the instrumentation, but that moment is still as I dreamed it, delicately played on cello.”
In addition to his score, Downsizing gave Kent the opportunity to co-write an original song, “A Little Change In The Weather.”  Using the Norwegian opera aria, he had the idea that this would become the song to start the end credits, rounding out the story.  “I knew exactly who could help me with the writing of it, and also elevate it into something extraordinary, and that was Jo and Ed of The Swingles!” Kent described. “I had some rough place-holder words, but they then completed the final lyrics and composed some 30 vocal parts.  When Alexander and I heard what they had created we were amazed and thrilled.”
"What a privilege to be working again with Rolfe and Alexander - long time friends of the label" commented WaterTower Music head, Jason Linn. "Their timeless blended voice continues to move, amaze and defy musical convention. We are thrilled to partner with this creative force!”
The Downsizing Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is now available for pre-order, and will be available at digital retail on December 22, 2017 and on CD January 12.
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Philip Glass recibe el Premio Honorífico de la SCL

El compositor estadounidense Philip Glass recibirá el próximo martes día 12 uno de los más prestigiosos galardones de la industria musical: el Premio Honorífico de la Sociedad de Compositores y Letristas (SCL), en reconocimiento a su dilatada carrera, que empezó en el mundo del cine y la televisión en 1968 con el documental 'Inquiring nuns', y, desde entonces, ha escrito para dichos medios cerca de 130 scores, destacando sus 3 nominaciones para los Oscars: 'Kundun', 'Las horas' y 'Diario de un escándalo'.
Músicos galardonados con el premio fueron con anterioridad, entre otros, Bill Conti, James N. Howard, Quincy Jones, Randy Newman, Thomas Newman, Elliot Goldenthal o Dave Grusin.
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Edición en CD de la BSO de "Pitch Perfect 3" de Christopher Lennertz & VVAA

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Novedades del sello Quartet Records

Información en quartetrecords.com
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Podcast "El imperio contraataca" de John Williams

Una de las películas más emblemáticas de la historia del cine es El imperio contraataca. Y uno de los scores más amados por los aficionados el escrito por John Williams. Un nuevo programa con lo mejor de sus diálogos y los temas más representativos.
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Rising Phoenix Records edita en formato digital "6 below: Miracle on the mountain" de Nathan Furst

Fragmentos en amazon.com
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Lakeshore edita en CD el score de Jeff Russo para la serie "Star Trek: Discovery"

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Rosetta Records edita "A common enemy" de Alejandro Román

Información en edicionesrosetta.es
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Edición en enero de "American folk" de VVAA & Ben Lovett

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Sony edita el score de Daniel Pemberton para la película de Ridley Scott "Todo el dinero del mundo"

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Caldera Records edita "Lisa" de Gabriel Yared

Información en caldera-records.com
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Novedades de Mondo y Death Waltz en vinilo

CREED - Original Motion Picture Score 2XLP

CREED is a rare film that manages to be one of the best films in a franchise that it's trying to reboot. It's similar to MAD MAX: FURY ROAD in that it kickstarted renewed interest in a retired franchise, while also managing to have a look and sound all of its own. The sound of CREED belongs to Ludwig Göransson (COMMUNITY, Childish Gambino), whose leap from small to big screen felt absolutely effortless. He manages to pay tribute to Bill Conti's brilliance and create a theme that escapes the shadow of the original; thematically that's a massive achievement given the film's subject matter. For our vinyl version, Ludwig was generous enough to give us his time, a few unused cues and - for the first time in any format - remove the dialogue from this version. (Mo Shafeek)

JUNGLE TRAP - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP
Death Waltz

Taken By Savages' score to the previously unreleased film JUNGLE TRAP is a terrific listen just on its own, but coupled with the epic story behind it, it's downright legendary. Savages member Joe Ziemba (also the co-founder of Bleeding Skull! Video) worked for years to take this film from unedited master tape to completed and soundtracked film. Scholars of the genre, Joe and his partner Annie worked meticulously to produce a score that felt period accurate, and in doing so elevated the film from lost curio to highlight of James Bryan's filmography. (Mo Shafeek)

 THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP
Death Waltz

THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS was criminally overlooked upon release (it had one of those Direct TV vs. theatrical release that just tend to end up getting lost), and I feel the score suffered little bit due to this. Cristobal Tapia De Veer delivers an absolutely next-level electronic score here; it’s moody, otherworldly and throughly absorbing. Without doubt one of the best scores of the last few years, and Jay Shaw’s packaging is one of my favourites, too. Die-cut custom jacket, gatefold sleeve, spot varnished with flood printing. It's a real work of art and something to get lost in. Listen here. (
Spencer Hickman)
COLOSSAL - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

An astonishing film starring Anne Hathaway as a Kaiju-controlling small town alcoholic that manages to be brutal, tender, and engrossing at every turn. Bear McCreary delivers an amazing, sprawling, epic orchestral score that features flashes of Mogwai-esque post rock; it's the kind of record that you immediately want to start again the minute it finishes. Totally beautiful, and the cover art by WBYK ain't too shabby either. (Spencer Hickman)

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Novedades del sello Intrada

Dos nuevas ediciones del sello californiano Intrada que son una demostración más de su plausible afán por legar a los aficionados algunos de las bandas sonoras más importantes de la historia del cine. Por un lado, el score completo de la irregular película de ciencia-ficción Callejón infernal, que se beneficia del extraordinario trabajo del maestro Jerry Goldsmith. Y, por otro lado, una caja con 4 maravillosos discos que incluyen 11 scores del gran Franz Waxman, que van desde 1936 hasta 1961, con obras tan sobresalientes como Sospecha, Capitanes intrépidos o La mujer del año.
Toda la información en store.intrada.com
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Novedades de Beat Records

Información en beatrecords.it
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Novedades de Music Box

Información en musicbox-records.com
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