Novedades de Mondo y Death Waltz en vinilo

CREED - Original Motion Picture Score 2XLP

CREED is a rare film that manages to be one of the best films in a franchise that it's trying to reboot. It's similar to MAD MAX: FURY ROAD in that it kickstarted renewed interest in a retired franchise, while also managing to have a look and sound all of its own. The sound of CREED belongs to Ludwig Göransson (COMMUNITY, Childish Gambino), whose leap from small to big screen felt absolutely effortless. He manages to pay tribute to Bill Conti's brilliance and create a theme that escapes the shadow of the original; thematically that's a massive achievement given the film's subject matter. For our vinyl version, Ludwig was generous enough to give us his time, a few unused cues and - for the first time in any format - remove the dialogue from this version. (Mo Shafeek)

JUNGLE TRAP - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP
Death Waltz

Taken By Savages' score to the previously unreleased film JUNGLE TRAP is a terrific listen just on its own, but coupled with the epic story behind it, it's downright legendary. Savages member Joe Ziemba (also the co-founder of Bleeding Skull! Video) worked for years to take this film from unedited master tape to completed and soundtracked film. Scholars of the genre, Joe and his partner Annie worked meticulously to produce a score that felt period accurate, and in doing so elevated the film from lost curio to highlight of James Bryan's filmography. (Mo Shafeek)

 THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP
Death Waltz

THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS was criminally overlooked upon release (it had one of those Direct TV vs. theatrical release that just tend to end up getting lost), and I feel the score suffered little bit due to this. Cristobal Tapia De Veer delivers an absolutely next-level electronic score here; it’s moody, otherworldly and throughly absorbing. Without doubt one of the best scores of the last few years, and Jay Shaw’s packaging is one of my favourites, too. Die-cut custom jacket, gatefold sleeve, spot varnished with flood printing. It's a real work of art and something to get lost in. Listen here. (
Spencer Hickman)
COLOSSAL - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

An astonishing film starring Anne Hathaway as a Kaiju-controlling small town alcoholic that manages to be brutal, tender, and engrossing at every turn. Bear McCreary delivers an amazing, sprawling, epic orchestral score that features flashes of Mogwai-esque post rock; it's the kind of record that you immediately want to start again the minute it finishes. Totally beautiful, and the cover art by WBYK ain't too shabby either. (Spencer Hickman)

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