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Silva Screen edita en octubre "Alan Silvestri: Film Festival Gent Compilation"

Información en inglés:

On 23rd October Silva Screen Records will release FILM FEST GENT AND BRUSSELS PHILHARMONIC PRESENT ALAN SILVESTRI compilation. 

Supported by the Gent’s World Soundtrack Awards, this is the second release from the series and first on Silva Screen Records. Each year a major film music composer is invited to present their work during the annual World Soundtrack Awards Ceremony & Concert closing event. As part of the celebrations Film Fest Gent and partner Brussels Philharmonic record a CD of their music and this year’s guest of honour is Alan Silvestri. 

1. The Polar Express (2004) - Suite 06:03 
2. Forrest Gump (1994) - Suite 08:53 
3. Mousehunt (1997) - Suite 05:35 
4. The Quick and the Dead (1995) - Main Theme 03:36 
5. Back to the Future (1985) - Suite 05:40 
6. Cast Away (2000) - End Credits 03:53 
7. Predator (1987) - End Credits 03:48
8. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (2014)- Suite 08:42 
9. The Avengers (2012) 02:03 
10 The Mummy Returns (2001) 06:46 

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